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the greatest L + ratio of our times. what a ride :) get at me @​strange on cohost @​404boyfriend on ig @​dior#1999 on discord 🫡
the single pauldron trend in fantasy fashion is so funny to me like if i were in a duel with someone i would simply hit them on the other shoulder
can’t shake the feeling that all of this is karmic retribution for Vine
this is gonna sound wild coming from me but I actually don’t really want twitter to go away lol
i know i’m asking for them to change my cabin on the titanic but being able to RT to Circles would’ve been sick 🥲
🔵 a website that can feel your eyes upon it. as you watch the website, it watches back, learning your face and mannerisms. each season it fashions itself a little more like you; your movement, your voice. for months this goes on, but you keep visiting...
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i like when firefox is like “t-there was some trouble getting your pages back 🥺” you can just click the sternly worded “restore last session” button and it immediately shows up like “your pages, sir 🧐”
shout out everyone at the gig who kept their stretched ears after all these years the three of us will have our day in the sun once more boys