This is like the 40 Tweets since I did the import lol.

    the greatest L + ratio of our times. what a ride :) get at me @​strange on cohost @​404boyfriend on ig @​dior#1999 on discord 🫡
    the single pauldron trend in fantasy fashion is so funny to me like if i were in a duel with someone i would simply hit them on the other shoulder
    this is gonna sound wild coming from me but I actually don’t really want twitter to go away lol
    i know i’m asking for them to change my cabin on the titanic but being able to RT to Circles would’ve been sick 🥲
    🔵 a website that can feel your eyes upon it. as you watch the website, it watches back, learning your face and mannerisms. each season it fashions itself a little more like you; your movement, your voice. for months this goes on, but you keep visiting...
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    i like when firefox is like “t-there was some trouble getting your pages back 🥺” you can just click the sternly worded “restore last session” button and it immediately shows up like “your pages, sir 🧐”
    shout out everyone at the gig who kept their stretched ears after all these years the three of us will have our day in the sun once more boys
    with the intention to spend this winter creating and sharing new mischievous and intrepid websites on here and in realms beyond, so i made a new little list to collect them, as well as to share the process of creating them!
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    the only thing more endearing about the existence of a “soft hyphen” is that its HTML symbol entity is ­ 🥺🥰
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
    liszt’s un sospiro plays faintly in the background as i pace about my study, scheming the ways i’ll cast HTML elements about the page; ethereal route transition choreography. the clouds outside the window are painted a million resplendent colors as the sun swan dives into evening
    remember, my prole and plebian allies, the Great Day of Verified Censorship? when none of the blue check caste were able to post? mute and powerless in their glass houses, reading in horror as the unchecked masses posted, unchecked? i dream we will one day return, and soon
    nextjs with tailwind ui ... *click* ..nice.. handcrafted html and css .. *click* ..yup .. off-the-shelf bootstrap wordpress template ... *click* .. I'll take it
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
    anyone ever had issues with some 11ty templates overriding others? i know this is user error; i’ve misconfigured this project somehow but i can’t for the life of me reckon how.
    just found out they line the rim of the “italian margarita” at The Olive Garden with seasoned breadcrumbs
    a few weeks back i got these 4" platform loafers and i can't understate how much they’ve changed my perspective of the world. i’m not “hanging out” i’m looming. i can’t head in a direction without lurching. i’m the newest addition to the nyc skyline. all dogs are small dogs
    we may never recover from the irreconcilable brain damage dealt to us by the lead fist of Agile Methodology
    🔵 a website that is concealed by fog of war — the website cannot be observed until you explore each corner. you must be wary! bear thy cursor as one might a blade, as your exploration may reveal far more than mere HTML elements lurking in the mist.
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    leto ii atreides dares to empirically answer the question would you still love me if i was a worm
    you’re a prisoner in a club where there are two DJs, one who only plays bangers and one who only plays flops and you can’t know which is which without making a request
    i’m lifting branches overhead and watching my step for roots protruding into the path. i’m deep in the overgrown forests of a long-forgotten website; i’ve been untangling ancient sitemaps and standing awestruck on promontories overlooking fields of broken links and spectral 404s
    why trouble thyself with CSS-in-JS when you could have a little walk-in-the-wilderness. a little peace-in-your-heart. why busy thyself with comparing runtime environments when you could be spending time running in the environment
    hi, my developer and i saw your website from across the ‘Net and we absolutely love your vibe
    much of male friendship is receiving a picture of something really sick and going yooo that’s sick and then eventually inviting them to your wedding
    when private account people reply to Tweets of folks that don’t follow them it’s kinda like that one part of interstellar where the guy
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API